Physical Laboratory for Mathematical Statistical Experiments (LMSE)

The Physical Laboratory for Mathematical Statistical Experiments (LMSE) emerged in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2009 as a cyber organisational response to various activities at the Christchurch Centre since 2007.

LMSE Christchurch Centre aims to facilitate activities that allow a deeper appreciation of Mathematics and Statistics for teaching/learning as well as research purposes. See current activities.

Teaching/Learning Focus of LMSE

The laboratory facilitates teaching and learning styles that complement the traditional and predominant read-write style. A simple and concrete experiment may often allow the teacher/learner pair to kinesthetically and/or perceptually relate it to the mathematical model of the statistical experiment. Toward this goal LMSE Christchurch Centre has coordinated several projects listed below.

Increasingly, live and interactive lectures are facilitated using the Sage Notebook Server and Apache Spark, a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing via databricks to compute with datasets that won't fit in a single computer ("big data").
For a recent example of such lectures see the course on Monte Carlo Methods and Scalable Data Science.
See the publicly shared content and video lectures for these and other courses at:

  • GitHub and Youtube for Scalable Data Science
  • GitHubComputational Statistical Experiments in Matlab
  • Youtube for Monte Carlo Methods

The activities and projects are supported by various funding bodies as detailed in the project reports. LMSE Christchurch Centre adheres to this Disclaimer Policy. Any one from anywhere is welcome to contribute and coordinate projects to legally share, remix and reuse under appropriate terms of Creative Commons.

Research Focus of LMSE

The Laboratory has a long-term research focus on Trans-traditional Mathematical Statistical Experiments at the intersection of philosophical logic, rigorous machine-implementable mathematics and appropriate extensions of classical decision theory. Toward this focus, it currently aims to provide bench-marked data sets of mechatronically measurable non-linear systems to researchers interested in Hausdorff-extensions of classical statistical decision problems toward epistemologically valid experiments in the vein of Machine Interval Experiments: Accounting for the Physical Limits on Empirical and Numerical Resolutions.

Currently, most of the research emphasis is on highly integrative C++ class libraries for scientific and statistical computing. See codes and GitHub repositories at

Projects Coordinated at The LMSE Christchurch Centre

projects that are hosted within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand:

projects that are hosted within other institutions:

  • Pingala’s Fountain Pingala’s Fountain

    Honouring Pingala’s bijection between binary and natural numbers, binomial coefficients and Fibonacci numbers

Any enquiries to:

Dr. Raazesh Sainudiin

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