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At LaMaStEx (Laboratory for Mathematical Statistical Experiments), we work at the interface of mathematics, computing and statistics.
This inter-disciplinary research aims broadly to use computers to solve real-world problems.

More specifically, our highly inter-disciplinary research at the interface of computer arithmetic and combinatorial data-structures uses custom-built mathematical and statistical models to rigorously solve numerical optimization and simulation problems that arise in statistical decision-making from real-world data.

We have worked on theoretical and practical aspects of a range of real-world decision problems from population genetics, phylogenetics, ecological genetics, air-traffic management, identification and control of gas turbines, natural language processing, collaborative filtering, terrorism studies, statistical physics of complex fluids, cross-domain data-fusion and knowledge-graph extractions for security-related applications, nonparametric self-exciting point processes on networks for crime-risk prediction, scalable geospatial computing of GPS trajectories on OpenStreetMaps, models of transmissions on networks and their inference for meme evolution from Twitter streams, classical problems in nonparametric density estimation, etc.

Please see the links to the left and above for more details about our research, consulting and industrial work experience . For our public coding projects see our GitHub repositories.

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  • Raazesh Sainudiin,
    Laboratory for Mathematical Statistical Experiments, Uppsala Centre, and
    Department of Mathematics
    Uppsala University
    Box 480
    751 06 UPPSALA
  • Email raazesh.sainudiin@gmail.com
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MathsReach video interview on "Making Sense out of Chaos" and a Biosketch.

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  • Laboratory for Mathematical Statistical Experiments
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  • raazesh.sainudiin@gmail.com
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