Pingala’s Fountain - LMSE Christchurch CentrePingala’s fountain

Pingala’s Fountain at Chennai Mathematical Institute, Siruseri, Chennai, India

Pingala is an ancient mathematician (300 BC) who authored Chandas Sutras (the science of syllables in verses). This is a mathematical art project to honour Pingala’s algorithmic bijection between binary and natural numbers, binomial coefficients and Fibonacci numbers.

Sculptors: V. Rajagopal, J. Paul Victor, V. Kannan, K. Ravichandran, R. Dhanasekaran, Thanikasalam and Doss.
History of Mathematics Advisors: R. Sridharan, Chennai Mathematical Institute and M.D. Srinivas, Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai.
Designers: Raazesh Sainudiin and Krithika Yogeeswaran

Pingala’s Fountain, R. Sainudiin, R. Sridharan, M. D. Srinivas, K. Yogeeswaran, 7 pages, December 14, 2013 (PDF 16MB)

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