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Study Group: Approximate methods for recombination

A lunch-time reading group on approximate methods for recombination

This is an archive of the reading group's web page.

Approximate methods for recombination are a set of algorithmic and statistical heuristics aimed at detecting recombination from population genetic data. The material we have already discussed or will be discussing shortly is chronologically listed below.


  1. Nov 16 2006 Kuhner, Yamato and Felsenstein (2000), Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Recombination Rates From Population Data, Genetics 156, 1393-1401. Genetics link
  2. Nov 09 2006 break-point -- no meeting today.
  3. Nov 02 2006 Minichiello and Durbin (2006), Mapping Trait Loci by Use of Inferred ARGs, American Journal of Human Genetics. AJHG link
  4. Oct 26 2006 Innan, H. (2002), A Method for Estimating the Mutation, Gene Conversion and Recombination Parameters in Small Multigene Families. Genetics 161, 865-872. Genetics PDF link
    Innan, H. (2003), A two-locus gene conversion model with selection and its application to the human RHCE and RHD genes. PNAS 100: 8793-8798. PubMed PDF link
  5. Oct 19 2006 Hudson, R. R. (1991), Gene genealogies and the coalescent process, Oxford surveys in evolutionary biology, Ed. Futuyama and Antonovics, 7, 1-44.
  6. Oct 12 2006 (meet at 1:00PM today) Hudson, R. R. (1983), Properties of a Neutral Allele Model with lntragenic Recombination. Theoretical Population Biology 23, 183-201.
  7. Oct 05 2006 No meeting today. It is the 8th Bioinformatics Day at Oxford -- taking place on Thursday 5th October from 1.00pm-5.00pm in the Oxford Centre for Gene Function
  8. Sep 28 2006 McVean G. (2002),A Genealogical Interpretation of Linkage Disequilibrium, Genetics. 162, 987-91. PubMed PDF link
  9. Sep 21 2006 Hudson, R. R. and Kaplan, N. L. (1985),Statistical Properties of the Number of Recombination Events in the History of a Sample of DNA Sequences, Genetics 111, 147-64 PubMed PDF link
  10. Sep 14 2006 Li, N. and Stephens, M. (2003). Modeling Linkage Disequilibrium and Identifying Recombination Hotspots Using Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Data, Genetics 165, 2213-2233. Genetics PDF link and Preprint PDF link
  11. Sep 07 2006 Griffiths, R.C. and Marjoram, P. (1996). Ancestral inference from samples of DNA sequences with recombination, Journal of Computational Biology 3, 479-502. Only preprint is available online: paper and figures.
    Additional/Optional material: Griffiths, R.C. and Marjoram, P. (1997). An ancestral recombination graph. In: Donnelly, P. and Tavare, S. (Eds.), Progress in Population Genetics and Human Evolution, IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, Volume 87. Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 257-270.ima book chapter
  12. Aug 31 2006 Wall, J.D. (2000), A Comparison of Estimators of the Population Recombination Rate, Mol. Biol. Evol. 17(1):156-163. MBE PDF link
  13. Aug 24 2006 Hudson, R.R. (2001), Two-Locus Sampling Distributions and Their Applications, Genetics 159: 1805-1817. Preprint PDF link

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