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Fun with Numb3rs:

This is an archive of past activity.

A Face-to-face Activity of UC Numb3rs Learning Community

Watch TV show Numb3rs and informally chat maths in the real-world.

    • TIME:
      • Educational viewing: 1600-1650 hours
      • Maths/Stats discussion: 1650-1800 hours
    • PLACE: 031 Erskine Building
    • PERIODICITY: Weekly
    • The UC Numb3rs Learning Community is organized by MathSoc and synchronised with the free Community Education Course: Using Numb3rs to Make Sense of Math coordinated by Miguel Moyers-Gonzalez and Raazesh Sainudiin.
  2. NUMB3RS Home-fun-work and Activities for:


    • Solving Crimes with Mathematics: THE NUMBERS BEHIND NUMB3RS, is the companion book to the hit television crime series NUMB3RS, and is written by Professor Lorden of Caltech and Professor Devlin of Stanford, the lead mathematics adviser on the series. Copies of the book may be borrowed from the Department Library (enquire at Maths and Stats Reception at Level 4 of Erskine Building).

    • NUMB3RS: Local mirror of Math activities related to the TV show, developed at Cornell University. UC Maths/Stats students may borrow DVDs of the first three seasons of NUMB3RS from Maths and Stats Reception at Level 4 of Erskine Building.

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