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U Can Compute! A UC Learning Community

For details go to the shared SAGE worksheet of U Can Compute! for:

  • Ubuntu and ABCs of Linux/GNU systems Workshop and
  • Free BSD Southern Summer Club

Ubuntu and ABCs of Linux/GNU systems Workshop

  • When: 1610-1800 hours on April 01 2011
  • Where: Forestry 139, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

The coordinator of the Ubuntu and ABCs of Linux/GNU systems Workshop is Raazesh Sainudiin and the Conductor is Zhu Sha (a.k.a. Joe in NZ). The goal of the workshop is to help each other learn the rudiments of one of the world's free and powerful and friendly Operating Systems, Ubuntu. Toward the end Sha Zhu got a Ubuntu virtual machine working in the Windows laptops of Nuradilla Azhari, Amanda Hughes, Irene Van Woerden and Heyang Li. Steve Manion, Gloria Teng and Rachel Tappenden were also present for the tutorial on Bash commands and vi given by Raazesh sainudiin. Some pictures from the event are displayed below.

Sha Zhu helping men Sha Zhu Helping women
Raaz casting BASH and vi commands on screen Sha Zhu Helping women

Occurred Events

  • Ubuntu and ABCs of Linux/GNU systems Workshop at 1610-1800 hours April 01 2011
  • Free BSD Southern Summer Club during November 2009 - February 2010

Future Possibilities:

  • More workshops on Linux, Latex, Vi, gcc, etc.
  • Shell Scripting
  • Collaborating with Sage Notebook Server
  • Python scripting
  • Introduction to GNU C Compiler for C and C++ Programs

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