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Primary School Outreach

Occurred Events

  • Interactive Sage worksheet on What do Statisticians do? with James Degnan and Raazesh Sainudiin at the Wonderment Week, Ilam Primary School, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1000-1030 hours on Monday May 3 2010.
  • On June 15 2010, a group of thirty Room 1 students from Ilam Primary School came to Maths and Stats Department at the University of Canterbury for a so-called "Primary Sage Hour" from 0915 to 1015 hours. They were introduced to the Sage Computing Environment. All of them were given a Sage account in our Sage Notebook Server and shown the rudiments of arithmetic with Sage. Their Sage account can be used to log-in from their home/school computers with a basic web-browser such as Firefox. They were encouraged to keep at it on their own to master other aspects of Sage, including advanced Mathematics and Statistics at their own pace. They were also entertained with the Sage interactive activities titled What can you do with Mathematics and Statistics? and the Quincunx.
    View of Ilam Primary school children from left rear of Erskine 442 on 20100615 View of Ilam Primary school children from right rear of Erskine 442 on 20100615

Future Possibilities:

  • Shaping Space with Platonic Solids in iGami (invite to Polyhedra room)
  • Flipping the Measurable Chaotic Pendulum

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