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The PDFs linked below are evolving research proposals of Raazesh Sainudiin. Some/parts of these proposals have been funded or are being funded. They are posted here for potential PhD students to find more concrete information about the possibilities of research under my supervision.
If you use ideas here in your own research or know of basic literature I should read then please let me know so I can do more integrative research in the finite time at my disposal.

Raazesh Sainudiin

  1. MergingEcologyAndGenetics_2015_GrantNZMarsden_Failed.pdf: Theoretical work funded by
  2. PhyloMolPopGenomics.pdf, ABCDEof1000HumanGenomes_2011_GrantNZMarsden_Failed.pdf: Work partly completed via
  3. MachineIntervalExperiments_2008_GrantNZMarsden_Failed.pdf and MachineIntervalExperiments_2010_GrantNZMarsden_Failed.pdf: Work is continuing partly through
  4. CombinatorialHistogramRegressionInABC_2011_UCDMSScholarship_SelfWithdrawnOn20120309.pdf (rule-change post-submission!): Work partly completed with funding from UC Masters Scholarship.
  5. DecisionMakingWithMassivelyParallelEvolutionaryAlgorithms_2011_HPCPhDScholarshipApplicationNZi3UC.pdf: Rejected on grounds that "only science applications were considered for funding" (read the proposal!)
  6. GoogleResearch2009.pdf

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