Matrix 1: (New Upanishads to the creek seven miles)

The offerings of cold spring water sliding

through my fingers are falling flowers

lights by the generous support of sunlight

To you this cascade as you give yourself

For what can I give to see if other elusive

offering blow kisses in the fountains

fractal terrain in your face Mossy

The white snow melt flowing down from the mountains is

effusion offerings of spring water

The armor shells of marine creatures are now

future pebbles in water

Winds unknown country animated by the sun

kiss girls languidly droplets of ocean

remove their tanks from love

Seven horses lights color rainbow sky

They love to raise their zenith as dense clouds of white

flourish nimbus, elements lovers

At that moment the rain falls on the chapped lips of the earth as a

long lost puppy sucking on its mother's milk

Matrix 2:

A new era for a new era is written by dance

the souls of warriors rainbow sky on the edge of sharp

ruthless and razor blades

Poised beyond pleasure and pain while

bright torch of knowledge absolutely exploded on a

and flowering of love implodes on another vein

The murmurs of melancholy of unwanted land

dragging notes of flute played by winds

through bamboo forests pierced by us parasites

Echos floating mixing in my ears, I say

We mixed up and I like body fluids in motion waves of the ocean

The water still flows like water, as always

Even when size of the full force of the rock face

Dancing delicately on the carpet of thorns imposed

our feet in the blood writing epics for an age of renaissance

hop dancing so as not to break the loop.

Matrix 3:

Armed with the dagger-laughing crying

Cutting through the maze woven

just to touch you, Oh dancing flames

The pleasures that these contacts provide

are like hurricanes that oceans are rising in

all thirsty minds in the country of the ego

The little birds are more southern snow

before ...

Trembling, unable to resist us masons

the voices of myriad forms of sing-song cry peaceful

shower of tears for these dry seasons by greed

Now, you and me as streams, join our hands

raging rivers flowing into the ocean on the other.