Meme Evolution Programme (MEP)

Welcome to Project MEP: Meme Evolution Programme!

MEP is concerned with mathematical communications of the following notions.

  • Tweet transmission trees (TTT) and twitter ideological networks (TIN) from historical and live twitter streams
  • Metric trees and networks of meme transmissions over multiple extremist ideologies
  • Mathematical models for the emergence of echo-chambers in co-fabricated ideologies over social media networks
  • Mathematical models of socio-psychological diversity: Towards minimal thresholds for a functioning democracy
  • Open-sourced codes: github MEP codes
  • Live research: github MEP research

MEP is partly supported by:
Any mathematical communications of Project MEP that are construed as opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations are possibly those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the funding bodies.

MEP research is directed by Raazesh Sainudiin with code contributions from the following individuals (in chronological order):
  • Raazesh Sainudiin
  • Ivan Sadikov
  • Rania Sahioun
  • Akinwande Atanda

Some Apache 2.0 Licensed Extensions of Apache Spark For MEP

Some Notebooks to Get your Hands Dirty and Minds Firing!

Background Reading/Viewing

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