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Math-hour at Kindy

Occurred Events

Playing Maths with under-fives at the local Kindergarden

Fun with Quincunx: Thursday June 25, 2009 1130-1200 hours at the Early Childhood Learning Centre.
Some responses during guided Quincunx-play without interference:

Quincunx:: Qn: What is Math? Ans: I dunno. Quincunx:: How Balls Fall?
  • Qn: What is Mathematics?
    Ans: I dunno. (Remark: A great answer.)
  • Action: Had one child drop two balls in the same way.
    Observation: The balls fall into two different buckets although they look the same and were dropped by
    the same child.
  • Action: Other children take turns dropping balls into the Quincunx.
  • Qn: How are the balls falling through the Quincunx?
    Ans: The balls fall like they are dropped. (Remark: Sensitivity to initial conditions or chaos!)
  • Dropped about 15 balls and pointed out that more balls fall into the middle or central buckets.
  • Choice Given: Pick a bucket that the ball I am about to drop will fall in.
    Choice Made: All three kids chose central buckets. (Remark: intuitive conditional probability?)
  • The Best Part: Ecstatic laughs, giggles, and screams when tens of balls are dropped together.
  • The data set as a SAGE dictionary type to be used in a 200 level Statistics Course at the Uni with:
    (key : value) = (x Number of right turns : Number of balls that made x right turns).
    sage: KindyMathsECLC25062009QuincunxData={0:0, 1:0, 2:2, 3:2, 4:4, 5:4, 6:7, 7:7, 8:8, 9:4, 10:8,
    11:9, 12:4, 13:9, 14:3, 15:3, 16:1, 17:0, 18:0, 19:0, 20:1}
Quincunx:: Qn: A bal with all right turns. Quincunx Ball Falling Path

Future Possibilities:

  • Classifying Bivalve Shells from the New Brighton Beach and Counting
  • Shaping Space with Platonic Solids in iGami (too boring?)
  • Flipping the Chaotic Pendulum (CAUTION)

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